Products & Services

We ensure that your personal possessions and love ones are protected through our products and services designed to cover:-

  • Home Completed or under Construction
  • Personal Effects and Valuables
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Private Yachts
  • Life & Health
  • Retirement and Financial Planning
  • Travel
  • Mortgage Protection

We provide protection for all insurable risks concerning your assets, liabilities or business interruptions. We specialize in transferring these risks to a suitable insurance company, and every solution is tailor-made to the risks identified.

Whether you are a member of the Public or Private Sector, a Charitable Organization, a Small Business or Group, we have the solution for your risks.

We share your care for your employees™ wellbeing and will design or choose a health plan designed to suit your organization™s or groups™ strategic goals. We will assist in evaluating the available market options, negotiating your renewals and managing the claims process. We will keep you abreast of new developments or changes in the industry. Our caring professionals will walk with your employees during their difficulty or painful moments acting on their behalf with the insurers and managed care providers.

We too understand that having a loss can be very distressful and unpleasant and our goal is to take the hassle from you and handle every step of the process for you.  We will work with the loss adjusters, attorneys and insurance company to ensure the best possible results. We will help you understand all the technical interpretations under your policies.

We will assist you with continuity of your business following a loss or interruption and advocate for speedy settlement so that you can return to normal as soon as possible.  We will act swiftly as soon as you alert us about a loss.

We will be there for you during the difficult times

Our goal is to ensure that you control, eliminate or reduce your risks. We will advise the best practices and measures to improve your risks profile, and this will result in more effective cost solutions. We will seek to understand your business and will give you advice for your specific type of risks.

What We Do

  • Identify and assess your risk exposures and vulnerabilities
  • Advise on best practices to reduce, control or eliminate risks
  • Handle the claims process on your behalf
  • Design or select an insurance programme most suitable for your needs at the most competitive premium
  • Place your insurance coverage with the selected insurers
  • Arrange payment options as per your needs
  • Explain your coverage and benefits
  • Discuss your insurance needs on an on-going basis

Why choose us?

We seek to understand your needs, arrange and place your insurance coverage accordingly. We walk you through each stage, and all you have to do is listen, respond and co-operate. We guarantee you  our undivided attention as our service is very personal. Let us do the work for you and in this way you can stay focus on your core business, interest or expertise. Insurance is our business let us take care of you, your loved ones and most valuable assets.

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