• Do NOT admit liability
  • Obtain names and contact details of other persons involved
  • Report ALL incidents/ claims immediately
  • Do not abandon damaged property, Take all reasonable measures to secure it
  • Make every effort to mitigate your loss
  • Retain a copy of any statements given to the police
  • Record name, badge number and station of attending police officer(s)
  • Record details of any loss, damage or injury and take photographs if possible
  • Ensure you can identify the insurance company of the third party’s vehicle
  • Report automobile accidents and burglaries/ thefts to the police immediately
  • Seek to quantify your loss by providing costs/ values or estimates for repair



  • Declare all known drivers as undeclared drivers may be subject to above standard policy deductible/excess
  • Drivers’ licences must always be valid, Remember renewal is in your birth month
  • Valuations are required for comprehensive cover at renewal and inception
  • Road Worthy Certificates are required for vehicle eight (8) years and over
  • Immediately notification should be given if you take your vehicle off the road


  • Your sum insured should always reflect replacement cost as claims are paid on this basis
  • Include professional fees and debris removal in your sum insured
  • Include VAT in your sum insured
  • Keep fire- fighting equipment updated
  • Install security measures as much as possible to take advantage of any discounts.


  • Provide a safe environment for your employees
  • Make sure that all areas open to the public are safe
  • Take the necessary health and safety precautions


  • Give notice of any changes in contact details immediately
  • Declare any changes to the risk as soon as possible
  • Renewals should be confirmed on or before your renewal date to ensure your coverage remains in force
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